eBay Creates Their own European Union

An announcement from eBay today talks about eBay.eu.  eBay.eu is eBay’s European shopping site. When a buyer goes on eBay.eu, they see listings in their own language. So if you go on eBay.eu from here in the states, you will see English. But if someone in Germany for example, went on eBay.eu they would see all the listings translated into German.

Here is the announcement from eBay:

“Now you can reach more than 180 million Europeans who have access to eBay in their own languages for the first time. Through the new eBay International Market at eBay.eu, buyers in Russia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Norway, Denmark and Sweden can now purchase Fixed Price items from eBay sellers willing to ship to their country. This is a great way to expand globally—just specify you’re willing to ship internationally, and your listings automatically appear for buyers in these countries at no additional charge.

To take advantage of this opportunity, just:

  • List in Fixed Price format and offer PayPal as a payment option.
  • Select worldwide shipping and specify your shipping charges.
  • Use buyer requirements to exclude any countries you don’t wish to ship to—your listings won’t appear to buyers in these countries.

Shipping internationally is easy. You can purchase and print international shipping labels, order free International Flat Rate boxes, get customs forms, and automatically track shipments right in My eBay.

Plus, since only transactions with U.S. buyers count towards your DSRs on eBay.com, you can sell globally without worrying about customs delays or international delivery times affecting your eligibility for Top-rated seller or PowerSeller status.

That last paragraph is probably the most important. A couple of years ago we stopped selling internationally entirely because customs and shipping delays over which we had no control were resulting is getting low DSRs and affecting our seller rating and ability to qualify for fee discounts and later Top Rated Seller status.

So I think I may start selling overseas again.

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