How To Find Hot Deals To Sell on eBay & Amazon

Last week I was introduced to John B. He is a 5-year PowerSeller who knows how and where to find incredible deals on products that he can mark up 100%, 200% and more.

I am always a little skeptical when I hear things like that so I checked John out ahead of time and he is the real deal. I not only looked at his offer, I went to eBay and looked at his listings and his sales…

…and his system works.

John recently decided to share his knowledge with a new video series. He calls his service Deals4Resale. It is a video series where he shows you how and where he buys his products and how much he sells them for. And its more than just a few videos to watch. He also publishes a newsletter and a hotlist with the latest deals. Literally you will get specific instructions from John that shows where you can buy products instantly to turn around and sell on eBay and Amazon at huge profits.

If you are like me, between the crummy economy, greater competition and eBay fees, your margins are getting smaller. I used to make 40% to 50% profit margins on eBay and Amazon. Today I am lucky to clear 20% to 25%.

The answer is to find product sources where you can buy hot products that are in high demand that sell for greater markups. And John is a master at that. I checked his current hot deals out and they are true and they work. For example, his current hotlist has a link you can click to buy an action figure for $14.95 that you can turn around and sell for over $47. Now that’s a nice markup!

Visit Deals4Resale today and read what John has to say. Like everyone I recommend, he offers a no-questions-asked money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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  1. Hi Skip,

    I am signed up for John’s Deals4Resale newsletter and have followed his advice and have started making money. He’s also easy to follow, and as you said he gives specific instructions and true items on his hotlist.

    I also have the Deals4Resale Video Series and have learned even more.


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