eBay Announces Green Top Seller Program

eBay announced the start of the Green Top Seller program. Starting on Earth Day, April 22, 2010, all eBay sellers in good standing will be invited to apply for the program where they can earn a special Green Top Seller (GTS) logo in their listings and improved position in Search.

To qualify, sellers must have an eBay Premium-level Store, purchase carbon credits to offset their selling activity and commit to only using recycled boxes and packing material for shipping.

The carbon credits will be based on the amount of sales and will be purchased directly from eBay.  The cost of a carbon credit will be $100 per year for each $5000 of sales.  eBay Top Rated Sellers will receive a 20% discount on carbon credit purchase.

eBay Green Top Seller Logo
eBay Green Top Seller Logo

eBay VP of North America, Lorrie Somethingorother, said: “Everyone at eBay is excited about the Green Top Seller program.  We have long practiced Earth-friendly operations here at the eBay campus and now its time to share our accomplishment with the seller community.  As there are over 600,000 sellers on eBay.com, this program can have a huge impact on the planet and our profits.”

New eBay fees and policies take effect today

Today is the first day for the new fee schedule and policies. eBay is now divided between two types of sellers, standard and eBay store subscribers. Each category of seller will have a different fee schedule. eBay has launched a page with information for sellers to explain the new –more complicated fee structure.  The new page is called eBay – The Best Place To Sell.

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