Has eBay Search Crashed and Burned

Here is an email I received today from one of my readers. Since eBay moved to  include all store listings in search, I have been getting one or two emails like this every day:

“I just wanted to comment that my Ebay business has all but dried up since Ebay enacted their new system where Stores get equal exposure as Buy It Nows. I have a store but had all my auctions as Buy It Nows, not store listings. I did a lot of business that way. Now I am lucky to get one or two sales a week vs the 15 -20 I was steadily getting before the change. I can’t believe it had such an impact and I have good search exposure since I am a Top Rated Seller and have 100%. It has been unbelieveable.”

I have had much the same experience, although it has gotten slightly better the past week. But the first couple of weeks, my sales crashed. I went to eBay Search to find my listings and even though I am a top rated seller and my Fixed Price listings had a good sales history, my listings were buried.

I think the problem may be that a lot of sellers (including me) had identical store and fixed price listings. When the changeover happened all of those listings went into the search engine therefore doubling a lot of the listings. I have been going through and removing duplicate listings as it doesn’t make sense to pay for both.

If you have duplicate listings you have two choices. You can remove one of the duplicates or you can change the title slightly so it doesn’t show up as a duplicate. Now your product will show up in two different places in search.  If my business doesn’t pick up soon, I am going to try that.

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  1. My business that I worked for over a year to build dried up in a month as well. I was so upset I closed my store and I’m now researching other options. It doesn’t make sense to pay for listings when you aren’t selling anything. It may be better to pay higher final value fees on other sites.

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