5 Hot-selling Toys You Can Find at Garage Sales

I wanted to remind my readers that Jennie Hunt’s Summer Toy Guide is only available for a short while longer.  If you were wondering what kind of info you get, this is just a tiny sample.

Below I’m listing out 5 of the items from this last week’s Toy Guide weekly report so you can get an idea of what is included.

These items are currently selling on eBay!

Even if you don’t get in on the Summer Toy Guide, you can find these items at yard sales or thrift shops and resell them for profit… but, if you do decide to join us with the Summer Toy
Guide, you will receive a weekly list of 25 used toys for 3 months just like the ones I’m mentioning below.

You can get immediate access to the Summer Toy Guide Here:

Alright – let’s get to what’s selling!

The following items are CURRENTLY selling on eBay! If you can find them at decent prices, now is the time to consider reselling them on eBay. (If you want to see the item on eBay, just type the item number into the eBay search box)

1.  Loopin LOuie Game by Milton Bradley 1992 [email protected]@K COMPLETE
Item number: 220598746628
Ending Price: US $30.00 with 1 day left
Starting Bid: US $.99
# Bids: 12
Don’t pay more than: $3-$5

Notes: Board games are easy to find at yard sales and thrift shops. In fact, even if you find INCOMPLETE games… often you can sell the pieces for more than you paid originally. I always see
board games for $1-3 at yard sales!

Item #: 320526057256
Ending Price: US $41.00 with -1 day left
Starting Bid: US $9.99
Bids: 8
Don’t pay more than: $5-10

Notes: Little Tikes can be a great seller on eBay! The vintage stuff is usually relatively inexpensive at g-sales and can turn around quickly on eBay.

3.   Dora Friendship Adventure Doll (34″ tall)
Item: 200466252563
Ending Price: US $35.00 with 1 day left
Starting Bid: US $.99
# Bids: 8
Don’t pay more than: $5-$7

Notes: The thing with selling used toys on eBay is that often once a toy is a solid seller… it remains a solid seller for a long time! This is not true of new toys – where the market is constantly changing. (If you have sold new toys during the holidays you know exactly what I’m talking about!) Because used toys stay valuable longer, you have more time to find the toy… making it much easier to find inventory at yard sales. You might think Dora is out – and a lot of the Dora merchandise is… but, when you find
a gem like this that doesn’t seem to be available anymore – it’s worth getting! This particular doll is available on Amazon from a private seller for $379 and it is the only one on amazon! Definitely worth keeping a watch for.

4.  “Elsie The Cow” Borden’s Play Bottles/Carrier
Item #: 140403552658
Ending Price: $42.97 with -1 day left
Starting Bid: US $14.99
# of Bids: 7
Don’t pay more than: $5

Notes: Finding vintage items like this are usually plentiful at estate sales or at g-sales in retirement communities. Many times people have held onto the toys their kids played with for their

5.  Craftsman Kids Work Bench Tool Bench + Tools Weed Eater
Item #: 140403522184
Ending Price: $26.04 with -1 day left
Starting Bid: $19.98
# Bids: 6
Don’t pay more than: $5-$10

Notes: Kid you not… I found this SAME workbench at a yard sale a while back for $7 and it came with a huge supply of tools too! It didn’t have the weed eater – but, for $7, it was a steal for
resell. In fact, I actually ended up not listing it on eBay and bringing it to consignment instead and made a nice profit without having to hassle with shipping.
Used toys are a great niche to get into for the summer months. You can find inventory that you can list and resell immediately! It’s a win-win.

The 5 items I listed above were from a recent list of 25.  You can get a list like this every week for the next 3 months for just $27 if you get in on the Summer Toy Guide.

You can learn more here


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