Alibaba Buys Vendio & $100 Free Coupon Offer

The acquisition integrates AliExpress and Vendio e-commerce services into a complete wholesale sourcing solution for online businesses in the U.S. a leading Asian e-commerce company for online sellers, will acquire Vendio Services, Inc., a multi-channel e-commerce company serving eBay and Amazon sellers. The move will provide a one-stop solution for online sellers that will include listing and inventory management and wholesale sourcing from the same platform.

From the Vendio Platform, merchants can source products from’s supplier network and sell through channels such as eBay, Amazon, and their own Vendio-supported store.

As part of the announcement, AliExpress (Alibaba’s small quantity sourcing platform), Vendio is offering $100 worth of free coupons.  The offer is for five $20 coupons that can be used once for each of 5 orders. This enables Vendio merchants to buy “sample” items of products that they may wish to source and is a great way to test out AliExpress.

You can only get this offer by going to a special landing page and entering a Vendio coupon code. Once you do so, you’ll receive FIVE COUPONS worth $20 each. Each coupon is valid for any order more than $20 (no maximum). An order can consist of multiple items.

The only catch is that you can’t use all five coupons at once, but you can place five separate, successive orders.  I used it this morning to buy an $80 (at wholesale) rifle scope.  The shipping was $13 so total $93 less $20: My landed cost is $73.  Similar scopes are selling on eBay in the $150 range. I will test sell the scope on eBay and if it does well I can then order these scopes in quantities of ten for $74 each.

Here’s How to get your free coupons:

1. Log into your Vendio Account, or Sign-Up* for Vendio by clicking on the Get Started button.


This offer is also available to NEW Vendio account and applies to any Vendio account, even those with a FREE store or any other free Vendio product. So you can sign-up today to take advantage of this offer.


Once you are logged into Vendio, just look for the special coupon offer page and follow the instructions.

I have used Vendio as my listing management for the past 5 years.  This move will allow me to source products directly through Alibaba and AliExpress and move then into my inventory on the Vendio platform.

Yesterday I spoke with Vendio’s new CEO, Mike Effle about the acquisition. (Mike was formerly the COO and moved up after the acquisition).  Mike explained that  “Alibaba gains access to more than 80,000 targeted small businesses in the U.S., while Vendio users can gain access to trusted sources from Alibaba’s worldwide supplier base.”  I asked Mike if Vendio would be expanding beyond eBay and Amazon to add more channels and he said that this move gives them the resources to do so.  I also asked about the ability to access sales in China through the Alibaba’s auction company TaoBao and he said they weren’t sure of the timing and how it would work, but that is definitely in the plans. This would give Vendio users access to the 1 billion population Chinese market. Mike further said: “We identify with’s vision of creating a seamless global e-commerce experience for business owners,”

Look for tomorrow’s blog where I will tell you about the amusing backstory about Alibaba and eBay and how I got into the middle of it.


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