Proven eBay Course-II Is Now Live

Last week, I told you to watch for the Proven eBay Course-II.  That course is now live!

What is the Proven eBay Course-II?

Last year I teamed up with Jim Cockrum to bring you the Proven eBay Course-I. It was a huge success for the approximately 100 readers who signed up.

The Proven eBay Course-I (PEC-I) was a complete eBay niche business from start to finish that anyone could set up and start making money their first week.  Dozens of people who took advantage of it earned –and are still earning, thousands of dollars per month.

Jim is about to launch the Proven eBay Course-II.  Like the first one, this is a complete eBay business that is already being done by others including some major PowerSellers.  Yet, it is a business with an unlimited market and plenty of room for new sellers.

What do I get with the Proven eBay Course-II?

With PEC-II, you get everything you need to start your business. You will learn

  • what the niche product is,
  • where to get it,
  • how to buy it
  • how much to pay
  • how to sell it
  • and how much to sell it for.

The course consists of an audio seminar where two eBay PowerSellers are interviewed. They explain the entire program. You also get a complete transcription of the audio interview so you can read it and refer to it later. Then there are several eBooks with additional instruction. And most importantly, there is a forum where you can post questions and get answers from the experts. you even get links to the author’s auctions so you can see exactly how she is selling this product.

With margins being squeezed on eBay, you need a product that still delivers high margins so you can cover fees and expenses –and this is a niche product that does that.  It doesn’ t matter where you live –small town or big city –you can do this. And if you are outside of the US, it should work in your country too.

It is not unusual for sellers to make margins as high as 65% or even more on this product.  And the sell through rate is quite high –much higher than the average sell through rates on eBay today.

Will this niche become saturated with this program?

NO! Jim and the author are limiting how many people can buy the program

So click here to read about the Proven eBay Course-II.

(Note – it is not necessary for you to have taken the earlier PEC-I. this course will give you everything you need).

If you want to do this it is important to jump in early, because as we did with PEC-1, we are limiting this to very few sellers as we don’t want to trash the market.

And REMEMBER – This course comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not happy for any reason.



  1. Hi,
    Are you still offering the proven EBay Course? I’m very interested in buying it.

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