Google Is Broken – Free Report

There are lots of ways to get traffic to your website or blog  –but most of them deliver junk traffic.  I once paid $2000 for a service that delivered 120,000 visitors to my website and did not make one sale!  Who wants that?

I want quality traffic from visitors who know what to expect when they click on my link. That is how you make money online!

If you had all the quality traffic you ever wanted for FREE, do you think you could make money online?

Of course you could… me too!

Well today is a great day for both of us.

My friend Ryan just released his FREE 2010 Perpetual Traffic Report:

This free report changes everything when it comes to web traffic and if you don’t read it you will soon fall way behind the pack.  Ryan has figured out a way to use Google’s own tools against them to get FREE organic traffic any time he
wants. It’s truly amazing.  This is NOT about paying for traffic.  This is about getting free organic traffic from Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Get your free report right now while it’s still FREE… Yes, this is part of something I am promoting, but I promise, even if you don’t purchase anything, these free reports I am going to send you over the next few days are very valuable themselves and well worth reading if you have a blog or a website of any kind, or if you are trying to build niche affiliate websites.

I would love to know what you think, so once you have read the report please post a comment here on my blog.

Skip McGrath

P.S. In the report Ryan also tells you how to get his valuable Cherry Picker Software (AMAZING) for Free –no strings attached, just for reading the report.

Don’t wait.  Grab your free report now:


  1. I got bored halfway through. Chop the preamble. Serious sellers know the problems about getting traffic. Much of the article was pointless. I almost gave up before I got to the interesting part. And YES I do think the report has got some very interesting and useful information. It has merit – but cut the waffle, you don’t need to tell me the same information six different ways. Time is money.
    Regards Glenn

  2. The timing couldn’t have been better for me, I just started my blog and need traffic. I have been reviewing different programs: SeoLinkvine,Unique Article Wizard, and article Apps and the reviews on all of these programs is split. When your new and on a limited budget its hard to know what to do. I am anxious to see what others have to say.

  3. Skip:
    Thanks for sharing Ryan’s great report. A lot of great information about Google’s Caffeine. This will help a lot of us understand Google’s new ranking process. Looking forward to the other coming reports. You always provide the very best money making information.

  4. Skip:
    Thank you so much for your interest in others and especially us “newbies”. All of this is overwhelming at times but I’m determined to take it one step-at-a-time and keep plodding along. Your information is useful and of great encouragement to me.

  5. Skip, thank you for sharing Ryan’s interesting report. I plan to start a blog to help get more traffic to my eBay store. Since I have limited funds, I’m looking forward to reading more information about Ryan’s plan. Thank you again Skip for always providing money saving information.

  6. wow Ryan’s report is really amazing and i don’t sure about it but the stuff is really more argumentative and have the strong comments so just keep posting such stuff and make us more update about the latest news thank heaps.

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