City of Philadelphia Charges Bloggers a $300 fee To Blog

I got one of those forwarded emails this morning that caused me to actually read it.  Usually I dump those emails that are forwarded to thousands of people, but this one had a subject line that got my attention:  Philly requiring bloggers to pay $300 for a business license.

The link leads to an article in the Washington Examiner.  And yes it’s true.  Philly really is charging blogger $300 for a business license –even if they are only hobby bloggers.

The lady mentioned in the article should have read my book, How To Make Money Blogging From Home.  Even though the city is charging her $300 a year to blog, she noted in the article that she had only made $50 from her blog.

Both blogging on a topic and setting up niche WordPress blogs is a great way to make anything from a few extra bucks to actually making a living working from home.

And blogging is fun.  I just hope that the city fathers in Philly come to their senses and if not that other cities don’t try to fill their coffers by copying them.

Of course it could be something more nefarious. It is well known that governments hate bloggers as they are often the source of stories that embarrass governments and government workers when they uncover bad behavior, corruption or wasteful and silly spending.  There is an old saying: “If you want less of something then you should tax it.”  I wonder if maybe that is what’s really going on here?


  1. hey couldnt she file this on her taxes and get the $$ back…can think of lots of deductions against it…

  2. Hi Skip,

    Regarding Philly changing their mind about charging $300 for a business license for blogging, don’t hold your breath. I grew up in Eastern PA, 50 miles N of Philly and I bet dollars to donuts they won’t.



  3. Hey Skip, do a bit of research and you will find that the forwarded email you received and most of the other blogs around the net concerning this are quite overblown.. The truth, but not exactly the truth.

    Hennieretta over on Red Ink Diary did her research and I think has presented much more balanced blog post concerning the subject.

    Just my thoughts.

  4. Hi Skip, I would have thought that anyone trying to make a go of their own business should be encouraged. $300 seems incredibly high and would seem prohibitive to a lot of people. I consider myself lucky that I don’t need a license to blog…not yet anyway.
    Oh and yeah, anyone thinking of reading Skip’s book should do themselves a favor and do it sooner rather than later.

  5. Soon every city will start asking for cash from bloggers-I thought the internet was free!

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