My Favorite Website Builder and Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Let’s put the cart before the horse:  For the past seven years I have used PayPal to process sales on my website.  I have known for a long time that I was getting what online marketers call Shopping Cart Abandonment.  How did I know this?  Well when I look at my Hitslink analysis program it might show that 17 people hit my Order Page while only 4 or 5 hit my Thank You Page (Where you end up after you pay).

Over time I was seeing abandonment rates of over 50% consistently and often as high as 60% to 70% some of the time.  I always assumed there was something wrong with my order page and I was constantly redesigning and tweaking it.

For the past two years my webmaster has been trying to talk me into trying a shopping cart program called 1Shopingcart.  I finally gave in last April –and wow am I glad I did.

We still use PayPal to process the payments, but now instead of my customers going to PayPal when they pay, they stay on my site on pages that I control. And the results?  My abandonment rate has dropped below 35% and my sales increased overnight by 20% to 30%.

There was another huge benefit as well. Those of you who were in my old affiliate program might remember that we switched lately.  The old program was run by MyAp and was costing me around $500 a month.  Now I have an affilaite program built in to 1Shoppingcart that only costs me about $60 a month –a savings of $440.

1Shoppingcart also has a built-in email program that captures the name of every customer and can also capture names from an opt-in form.  I currently use Aweber for my newsletter email program and am very happy with them.  If all you want is an email list program they are simply the best and the lowest cost.  But if I were just starting out I would probably use the program built into 1Shoppingcart. It comes free with the shopping cart.

1Shoppingcart also works for information sellers. If you sell digital products, they have a secure delivery solution for those too. If you have bought an eBook on my website then you have used 1Shoppingcart

Web Builder

My favorite web builder is fast becoming xSitePro.  This company has been around for a long time and they are very well respected in the industry. They offer a complete “build-it-yourself” website solution that assumes you know absolutely nothing about building websites.

Their designs work for any kind of website, from simple niche affiliate websites, to complex product sales websites. Their training and support are legendary in the industry.

So whether you want to build your first website or you want a fast economical system for constructing multiple websites, check out xSitePro.  If you would like to see xSitePro in action, here is a link to a really cool free webinar.


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