What is The Best Source of eBay Wholesale Information?

I get this question all the time.  If you sell on eBay or sell on Amazon, then you are always on the hunt for new wholesale sources.

Here are some of the places where you can find reliable eBay wholesale sourcing information and where I find mine.

  • Wholesale Search Engines
  • Wholesale Trade Shows and Merchandise Marts
  • Wholesale Buying System

Lets look at each of these

Wholesale Search Engines

If you look at the top of this blog and hover over the navigation tab that says Web Wholesale Search, you will see three wholesale search engines.  Although these search engines are optimized for wholesale companies, you do have to remember that they are search engines and therefore clever SEO experts can fool them.  When you do a search you will often get results that include the big dropship companies and even discount retailers who sell under the guise of being a wholesale site.

Nevertheless, by far most of the results will be legitimate wholesale suppliers, so this can be a good place to screen for companies that you may wish to contact.

One thing to remember:  When you click on a link to one of the wholesale suppliers, you will often land on a retail site.  When this happens, look around the navigation links and find a link that says partner login or wholesale or dealer information.  Clicking on those links will usually get you to the wholesale information.

Wholesale Trade Shows and Merchandise Marts

These are one of my favorite places to find wholesale sources for the simple reason that most online sellers (eBay and Amazon sellers), rarely visit these.  This means that I can often find goods to sell that are not yet being sold on eBay.

There are both wholesale trade shows and wholesale merchandise marts in all major cities.  If you live in a smaller city like Austin, TX you may not get many trade shows. So what you want to do is look for shows in nearby cities such as Dallas and Houston, or watch for shows in Las Vegas, which is the trade show capital of the US.

The same thing goes with merchandise marts.  There are about 30 cities in the US with permanent merchandise marts. These are locations where wholesale suppliers have actual showrooms that you can browse in. You can’t buy anything to carry out –instead you place orders and the goods are shipped to you.

Entrance to both wholesale trade shows and merchandise is controlled and limited to the trade only. So you will need a business tax or sales tax certificate, and often they will want you to show other proof such as a business checking account, business cards and so on.


Wholesale Buying System

This is a product that I wrote and produce.  It is a printed wholesale training manual that comes with membership in my members-only site where I list about 1000 wholesale sources that I have personally researched.  But most importantly, the Wholesale Buying System teaches you everything you need to know about the wholesale sourcing industry and shows you how to research and find wholesale sources for thousands of products –including those hard to find ones.

One word of caution:  If you have purchased –or plan to purchase, The Complete eBay Marketing System, then you already have the wholesale buying system as that is part of the complete eBay system training manual –so don’t buy both.

Liquidation Goods

I didn’t mention this at the beginning of the article, but wholesale liquidators –companies that liquidate surplus inventory for large retailers, are another great source of name brand wholesale goods.  If you know what you are doing you can find some fabulous deals where you can buy brand new merchandise –including popular brand name goods at literally pennies on the dollar.


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  1. I like selling on ebay more but that’s just me. Amazon would be great to sell on but it is hard to get amazon to sell your things. Ebooks would be the easiest. Anyways, thanks for the tips!

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