A New Way To Make Money With Social Marketing

There are two ways to make money with Social Marketing but most people only know about the first.  The first, or usual way, is to use sites like Twitter and Facebook to promote products or services or affiliate relationships for sale and earn an income from that process.  But the other way is to learn how to help others use Social Marketing.

About four months ago I introduced my readers to a program called Lets Get Social. About 25 of my readers purchased the training program and now I am starting to hear back from them.

Several of them have told me that they finished the training –some over a couple of days and others over a few weeks, and found it very easy to implement the program and start finding clients.  One lady said she got her first client before she had even finished her training and within a couple of weeks that client had sent her two more.  Since she works full time, those three clients are all she can handle, but she is now making a nice monthly income on top of her regular salary just from those three clients.

I would love to tell you how much money these folks are making, but new Federal FTC regulations require me to state the average income of everyone who bought the program if I state any figures at all.  Since I have no way of knowing the “average results” of everyone who bought the program then I have to say something like “The average income of everyone who purchased the program is a penny,” or just not give any numbers at all.  But I can say that all of the people who emailed me made back far more than the cost of the program and are very pleased with the results.

Like anything you do, you get back what you put into it.  And yes, I am sure that out of the 25 or so readers who bought the program, several of them took the training and then never did anything.  There is nothing automatic about this program.  You have to actually spend a few hours a week working on it (for a part-time income) or much more for a full-time income.  But it is not that difficult, you do not need any advanced technical or computer skills and there is no investment required beyond the cost of the training.

So if this interests you, take a look at the video that explains the program.

WARNING #1 – The video is a bit long and there is no stop/pause bar on the bottom, but the video will actually pause if you just click in the center of it. Even though it’s long you will learn a lot of great information about social media marketing and I strongly encourage you to watch the whole thing even if you decide its not for you.

WARNING #2 – The fellow who runs this program is a very aggressive marketer and once you decide to buy he offers a number of upsells.  This is not a sales method I am fond of or use, but the experts say they do work, so I can’t blame others for trying.  So weather you buy the upsells is up to you.  But I do want to stress that no matter what you think of the marketing, the program is excellent (I have it myself and my daughter-in-law is working with it now).

WARNING #3 – As I stated above, if you buy this training, it will take some work on your part.  The work is not difficult  but you do have to actually do it.

Despite many claims you hear from others there is no Autopilot Income –I have looked at hundreds of opportunities and have yet to find a way to make “unlimited streams of income on autopilot while you sleep.”

So if you would like to learn a new way to make money with Social Media that actually works, click here to watch the video.

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