44 Free Wholesale Sources for eBay Sellers


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    Sorry we don’t have a forum. The 44 wholesale sources has a couple of dropshippers that you could work with to drop ship in the USA. As for our other training materials, The Complete Marketing System is not a good value for someone living overseas as a lot of what you are paying for is US Centric information. Instead, I suggest you look for a copy of my published book, Titanium eBay, 2009 Edition. It is available at Amazon or from a local bookstore. It has most of the strategic and business information and is far cheaper.

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    We don’t sell the Wholesale Buying System or The Complete eBay Marketing System to Australia because the information is too US centric and its not really a good value for you. Also the shipping cost is quite high.

    Instead look for another book by me called Titanium eBay that is available on Amazon or in book stores. Be sure and get the 2009 edition –not the earlier edition. I think that would be a better value for you.

    Skip McGrath

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