eBay Runs 3-Day Listing Fee Sale

eBay Announced a three-day Listing fee sale. From October 5 to October 7. eBay Sellers can list Auction-style for just 10¢ Insertion Fees, regardless of the starting price. The offer applies to listings on eBay, eBay Motors Parts & Accessories and eBay Canada. Most categories are included but a few are not. You can find more information on eBay’s information page.

Unlike earlier promotions, this one does include eBay Store Subscribers –but only if the store subscribers list in the Auction-Style listing. It does not include fixed price listings.

Eligibility – eBay Sellers who list in the Auction-style format and have a 12-month detailed seller rating of 4.5 or higher on all criteria, based on your Seller Dashboard, will pay just a 10¢ Insertion Fee per item listed.

New sellers who don’t yet have DSR ratings are also eligible. DSR rating criteria for this promotion will be based on the previous 12 months.

Exclusions – The fee promotion does not apply to the following: Fixed Price listings, eBay Motors Passenger Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, Power Sports, Other Vehicles, Motors Local Market, Professional Services, Real Estate, Classified Ad listings.

The following business and industrial categories are excluded from the promotion: Tractors & Farm Machinery (91952), Antique Tractors & Equipment (45009), Heavy Equipment (25249), Concession Trailers & Carts (67145), Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment (92036), Forklifts & Other Lifts (97185), Manufacturing Equipment (92080), Metalworking Equipment (92082), and Commercial Printing Presses (26247).

The Promotional Rate does not apply to listings with a start date prior to October 5, 2010-including those listings revised during the Promotion Period. Additionally, the Promotional Rate will not apply to listings scheduled to start after the Promotion Period.

Third-Party Services – If you use a third party listing tool such as Vendio or Auctiva, you will not see the fee discount when you list your items. Instead your fees will be adjusted at the end of the month when eBay processes your invoice.


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