eBay to Feature Buyer Protection for The Holidays (Yawn…)

Starting today, eBay is launching a new marketing campaign they hope will inspire consumer confidence by raising awareness of the eBay Buyer Protection program.

It started with a  a special message from President and CEO John Donahoe on the eBay.com homepage that looks like this:

eBay Presidents Message

OK – That is a nice message, but you have to arrive at eBay first to see it. How about something to get buyers to the platform –such as radio or TV advertising, and then tell them about buyer protection?

The campaign will also include postcard mailers and web-based advertising, but apparently no traditional media such as Radio, TV or magazine advertising.

eBay’s goal to inspire confidence with new buyers,   This will hopefully translate into greater sales although I have my doubts. With all of the cash eBay holds (over $1 Billion the last time I looked), I just don’t get why they won’t help sellers out by spending some money on Advertising.  eBay has gone through three years of radical change, but apparently they don’t want to tell our customers.

As sellers struggle in this economy, a robust advertising program designed to attract new buyers and bring old buyers back would really do the trick.  I think eBay CEO, John Donohoe needs to do something soon.  eBay’s stock is still languishing in the basement while its rivals are growing and posting stellar earnings.  I suspect Wall Street is fast losing patience.


  1. Hi, I’m a small Top Rated Seller of Collectibles and I have already had several long time buyers ask me about Ebay’s new “insurance” policy. That’s what Buyer Protection means to them. So I expect some buyers will be upset when they try to file a claim and find that it’s not really insurance. The buyers I talked to are definitely confused. And also I just had a discussion with some of my fellow collector sellers and we are all noticing a loss of regular long time buyers who don’t seem to be around this year. So, yes an advertising campaign would probably help. Oh well!

  2. Scammers are very excited with this news. Buyer Protection = More Fraud. Scammers can now more easily setup fake accounts on eBay and PayPal, use stolen credit cards and defraud the sellers and identity theft victims. eBay and PayPal make money on the transaction, two months later an unsuspecting individual sees the fraud on their statement and the seller is out the product and receives a PayPal charge back. Everybody loses in this situation except PayPal and eBay. This announcement is pure PR fluff and does not address the very real issue affecting identify theft victims and sellers that are being scammed by eBay and PayPal’s lack of preventive fraud measures.

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