Find Wholesale Sources and More with Free Trade Magazines

I have written about trade magazines before.  Almost every industry and product category has a trade magazine.  The trade magazines are written for people who sell in that category.  For example, there is a magazine called  Archery Business that covers the business side of bowhunting and archery including trade news, industry statistics, marketing and product trends, new product R&D and business tips.  Since that magazine is aimed at retailers and online sellers, this is where the manufacturers advertise –and its where companies introduce new products so you can find the new products before others do.

Take the automotive category. There are over 10 magazines aimed at the auto industry –there is even one for car detailing –that is how specialized these magazines get.

Retail Online Integration Magazine is a free monthly magazine aimed at online retailers who sell on eBay, Amazon and from websites. Retail Online Integration is the practical, information packed publication devoted to helping online merchants, catalogers, retailers and brand marketers tackle industry challenges and discover the opportunities to grow their business in new and profitable ways with solid, how-to information on email marketing, prospecting, social media and much more! And each issue has wholesale sources that advertise looking for sellers like you.

North American Publishing also offers several other trade magazines aimed at different online and even offline business niches. Some are paid subscription but most are free to qualified readers. Just go to the TradePub Listing Page to see what they offer.

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