Amazon Blows the Doors Off

Amazon reported financial results yesterday that shocked Wall Street Analysts. They were so good that although  the Dow is down over 100 points today, Amazon stock is up over 5%.

Some highlights:

  • Amazon net sales in the 4th quarter increased over 36% over the same quarter last year
  • The 4th Quarter was Amazon’s first $10 Billion quarter
  • The number of new users (registered Amazon accounts) increased 25% last year
  • Amazon reported that over 2 million active sellers accounted for 30% of all revenue
  • Amazon added 13 new distribution centers  bringing the total to 52

These are amazing results.  The number that really blew me away is the 2 million active sellers.  I have asked eBay for their number of active sellers but don’t have an answer yet –but I believe it is somewhere around 600,000.  So Amazon having 2 million is just amazing.   I can see why:

  • First of all Amazon makes it really easy to sell on their platform.
  • Amazon offers excellent seller support
  • Amazon actively recruits sellers
  • The success of FBA is really pulling in sellers

If you are interested in learning how to sell on Amazon, I have teamed up with Jim Cockrum and we are developing a complete Amazon course that will go on sale within a  couple of weeks.

Skip McGrath

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  1. Hi Skip,

    I don’t miss to read your articles This one is really good. What you said is correct about Amazon services, they make it easy for customers as well as the sellers. And no need to wonder their stock got 5% up.

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