Build Traffic To Your Website With DoFollow Forums

What is a “DoFollow Forum” you ask?  Lets wait on that for a second until I explain why I am writing about this?

If you have a blog or website then you want traffic.  When Google or Yahoo are looking at your site to determine how and where it comes up in search results, one of the things they look at is the number of other websites that link to your site.  In general, the more sites that link to you the higher Google will place you in search results when someone types in a term that relates to your website content.  Getting lots of inbound links to your website is what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts call “link juice.”

So back to DoFollow forums.  A DoFollow forum is nothing more than a forum that allows you to post a link to your website or blog within your forum post.  Since forums in general and specific forum posts are indexed by Google, the links you place in your forum posts act as link juice for your website or blog.

So how do you find Do Follow Forums?

It is as simple as doing a Google search.  Search the term dofollow forum and you will get results that look like this:

Google results for dofollow forums

Once you find a web site that lists the forums, look for a forum that is somewhat related to the content of your site or blog. Now go the forum.  Most forums require you to join so you will have to take a moment to sign up.  Now make your post and include a link back to your site.  You can post to any forum on any topic, but posts on forums related to your content will usually do better.

At first it will take you about a half/hour work to research and find the forums you want to join.  Then it will take you five or ten minutes or so to sign up and make your first post.  This is really boring work but it will pay off.  Once you do a post on a forum be sure and add it to a folder of your favorites (Bookmarks) so you can go back to the forums once a month and make another post to keep your links fresh.

Using your email to sign up on forums can often lead to spam, so you may want to set up a Yahoo or Gmail email account just for this purpose.

In addition to forums there are some blogs that will allow you to include your link.  You can also find these blogs by searching the keyword term related to your blog along with the word blog. For example:  “fly fishing blog”

Now here is a POWER TIP:  Google considers links from government, non-profit and educational websites as major link juice and they will rank you higher if you have links from those websites and blogs.  So look for forums (and blogs) that have web addresses that end in .gov, .org and .edu.  these are the web addresses used by government, non-profit and educational websites.


  1. Not to burst anyone’s bubble here (although I might), but the alleged link juice boost from .edu and .gov domains may (or may not) just be a rampant internet myth. Matt Cutts of Google drops some strong hints along these lines in this video:
    @ 0:44-1:03 and @ 1:46-2:06

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