Building Your Online Business with Persistence and Volume

Today’s article is a guest post from one of my readers, Brent Bascom of island Time Supply


Persistence and Volume in Business
By Brett A. Bascom

You have a great business plan, you executed it and are selling product but there is a nagging question.  Where do I go from here?  My sales are flat, my business is not as large as I wanted it to be.  I am not making as much money as I thought I was going to.

No matter what business you are in, there are two things that determine if you are reaching your goals in your business.  The first is persistence; the second is volume.

Each day, I know this one is hard to do; consistently you have to work on your business.  There are days that you have no sales, but you still should be working towards your goals set out in your business plan.  You did a business plan, right?

Volume is expressed in several areas of your business.  Volume of sales is the most obvious.  No sales, no business.  Volume also can be used to express how much effort you put into other aspects of your business.  If you persistently provide a reasonable volume of work into sales, marketing, purchasing, administration, then your goals can be achieved in the time frame in your business plan.  You did a business plan, right?

Volume can also be used in another way when planning business growth.  Purchasing volume can have a direct correlation with sales volume.  If sales are slow, you certainly don’t want to purchase a large volume of product.  However you must have product on hand in order to fulfill sales.  Product on hand, by the way, could be in the form of a drop shipped product or a product physically at your location.  Either way you have to manage the time between order and delivery to meet your customers expectations.

Although I have put these words down before, I would like to repeat, consistent and continuous application of organized effort towards a goal will lead to reaching that goal. (Persistence and Volume)

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  1. Hey skip,

    Great post. It gives idea to what to do next for young entrepreneurs like us. Reading posts like this will surely motivate us to do better when we have lesser volume of business and reach our target.

    Thank you

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