Check Out Jim Cockrum’s Hot Seat Project Auction

Jim is at it again.  The last time he ran an auction it went for over $30,000.  So what is the Hot Seat Project?

Here is a little tease.  You will have to go to the auction to see the whole thing.

The Jim Cockrum Hot Seat Project

What EXACTLY is being auctioned?

The winner of this auction will be coached by me (Jim Cockrum) as well as any one of the other experts listed below (your choice) & together we’ll all be creating a product that can be sold to others. You (as the winner) will get the benefit of sharing in the profits, as well as enjoying the benefits of some great coaching and some solid exposure for your name or your business.

The winner gets to chose the expert that will be joining us on the project!

Please read the details carefully before bidding. This is a serious commitment if you are to get the full benefit.

Our coaching sessions will be recorded and this recording will be turned into a useful product that will be sold and distributed to my large online audience of Internet entrepreneurs.
As the winner you’ll receive a percentage of all sales of this product. Full details are below in the “What exactly does the winner get” section.

Some details:

  • This auction is for ONE winning bidder only.
  • Your only obligation is to attend one or two coaching sessions as we push and coach you to success. From there, it’s up to you to succeed, but you will still get paid based on product sales of our package.
  • After the winner pays for this auction they will receive a brief pre-interview questionnaire/survey that will help us establish the best course of action for our hotseat sessions.
  • The hotseat sessions will be recorded as a three-way phone call with (1)you the winning bidder, (2)the winning bidder’s chosen expert, and (3)me – all on the phone line simultaneously being recorded.
  • We will also likely chose a “surprise” guest expert that best suits your needs based on the survey (a possible 4th party).
  • The hotseat session agenda will be based on the pre-interview questionnaire so that you receive maximum benefit.
  • The goal of the hotseat session is to challenge, educate and equip the winning bidder with everything they need to succeed online. If more than one hot seat session is needed we will conduct as many as are necessary.

Once more – here is the link:

The Jim Cockrum Hot Seat Project

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