An Amazon Affiliate Success Story

For the past five years I have had the exclusive rights to sell the EZ Cube line of Digital Photo Light Tents on eBay.  This way a perfect relationship.  I agreed to hold to their minimum advertised prices and they agreed to drop ship for me.  Well that all changed last month.  The owner of the company called me to say that he has been impacted by the economy, increased competition from China and knock-offs and rising prices.  So he would have to reduce my margins. When we ran the numbers it just didn’t make sense so we parted friends and I lost one of the best product lines I have ever had on eBay.

Besides selling the tents on eBay, I also sold them from my website,  the website gets tons of traffic, but frankly not that many sales.  We typically sold 10-15 a month on eBay, but only 3 or 4 a month from the website.  I didn’t want to shut down the website, so I scratched my head for a while and thought “what can I do with all this traffic?”  Then I remembered that the EZ Cubes are also sold on Amazon.

Since I am a member of the Amazon Affiliate program, it was easy to go into the website, kill the shopping cart and change the buy buttons to Amazon affiliate links.  And to make it better, I researched some non-ezcube light tents and created a category of Budget Light Tents.  I had to do that very carefully as there are a lot of really cheap crappy light tents on eBay and I didn’t want to steer any of my readers towards those.

Wow – the results are amazing.  Since the changeover the first week of February I am now up to 9 light tents sold –3 EZ Cubes and the rest budget tents and, even with Amazon’s low commission rates I have made as much in the last two weeks as I would most months on the site.

Go to and take a look around. The website is done with WordPress so its quick and easy to set up.  Anyone can do the same thing with any product.  What is your interest?  Fishing – review fishing gear. Cooking – review cookware and small appliances.  BBQ – review BBQ grills and tools.

Try and find a niche. If my site was on general photography I would not have all the traffic I have. It would be buried in the thousands of websites about photography –but the light tent niche is just big enough to get me the traffic I need to make money.


Look for my new book coming out next week – How To Make Money With the Amazon Affiliate Program.


  1. I’m glad to see you’ve made some headway with amazon. I read an article today that reported that Amazon continues to grow their market share. Ebay has as well, but not nearly at the rate Amazon has. It’s good to know that selling online can still be profitable, even with the flood of new sellers.Congrats on your product!

  2. Hey Skip, any news on the ETA for this Amazon Ebook yet?

    1. Author

      About one more week. I was at ASD/AMD in Las Vegas all last week.

  3. Thank you very much for this post as it not only gives your experience, but lays out general principles in acquainting yourself with the amazon program. I have been an affiliate for over a year, but have not even cracked into yet. Your post is a motivator.

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