Amazon Affiliates Limited in Illinois and Colorado.

When I released my latest book, How To Make Money with The Amazon Affiliate Program, I neglected to limit sales to Illinois and Colorado –two states that Amazon has pulled out of because those states insist Amazon collect and pay sales tax on sales that originate with affiliates in those states.

So if any of you from Colorado or Illinois bought my book and cannot use it, please email me for a refund which I will gladly take care of.  I did know about the issue but in my hurry to write the sales letter and release the book I simply forgot about it.

(Thanks to one of my readers, Sue W. for bringing this to my attention)

There are several other states moving in this direction. For an excellent article on this subject and to see if your state is in play, here is an excellent article from Yahoo News – States push harder for online sales tax collection.  If you live in any of these states, be sure and contact your local state representative or state senator and let him or her know your views.  With all of the states running huge deficits they are looking for any way to raise money and we all know they look at raising revenue rather than cutting spending.


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