Creative Book Sourcing for Used Book Sellers

I just finished reading (and listening to) a wonderful eBook and audio book by Frank Florance called Creative Sourcing for Book Sellers. The book is delivered on 2 audio CD’s and an eBook if you prefer to read it.  They are mailed to you, so it takes a few days to get it, but believe me its worth the wait. You also get a quarterly newsletter and support –if you buy his book, you can ask Frank questions

Even better, he is running a special deal of $20.00 (regular price $49) for the next week –so don’t wait too long on this one. (NOTE:  The price on the sales page says $49, but you will see the $20 price when you add to cart)

I am really good at sourcing books and cover this in detail in my best-selling book, How to Sell Used Books on eBay, Amazon and the Internet.  But Frank showed me about six different ways that I hadn’t even thought of –including one way to get books for free.

The biggest problem new booksellers have, has always been knowing where to find enough continuing supplies of highly desirable, highly salable, books at low enough prices where you can make a profit.   Creative Sourcing for Book Sellers solves that problem. Best of all if you are not happy, Frank’s book comes with a money back guarantee.

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