I have been wrong on this announcement twice now –but my contacts assure me that the eBay Spring Release will finally come out tomorrow – March 15th, 2011.

The big question is: Will eBay raise fees again?

Given eBay’s anemic marketplace business I suspect they will.

I will blog on the highlights tomorrow, and I will do a full article for the next issue of the newsletter with my take on the details and the effect on sellers of the announcements.

Yesterday eBay announced one of the new changes for this year which is increased functionality for My Messages in your My eBay page.  My Messages will soon work just like a regular email inbox. The updated My Messages tab will allow you to:

  • Display up to 100 messages per page
  • Forward messages to your own external email address
  • Filter emails in your inbox by sender, date, or item number
  • Open emails in a new window, print your emails and flag messages for follow-up.

I don’t know if this announcement will contain any news of an eBay warehouse shipping service.  Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is slaying eBay and I keep hearing rumors that eBay will come out with their own fulfillment service –or possibly purchase the third party provider, Shipwire.

If you would like to learn how to sell on Amazon’s FBA program, we are still offering the Proven Amazon Course at the $40 discounted price which will go away soon.

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