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Ina Steiner reported in the Auctionbytes Blog this week that eBay’s top execs earned $40.4 million in compensation in 2010 including $12.4 million that CEO John Donahoe earned in salary, incentives, bonuses, stock options and other perks.

The announcement came on the heels of eBay’s Spring Release that raised fees by adding FVF to shipping costs.


eBay Kills the Coupon Business for Sellers

Selling coupons on eBay has been a successful niche for hundreds of eBay sellers for years. this week eBay decided they wanted in on the game.  So instead of earning fees on seller’s listings, eBay has determined that by killing off this business they can earn more in advertising revenue by offering free coupons on the site.  eBay created a new destination on eBay called eBay Extras where you can find coupons and free samples and learn about other money saving offers. There is no doubt that buyers will like the destination  –but its just another smackdown to sellers.


eBay Announces two-day fee sale March 22-23.

From March 22 – 23, list Auction-style for just 25¢ Insertion Fees – even high-ticket items! Listings that start at under $1.00 still have just 10¢ Insertion Fees.  For once this promotion applies to both eBay Stores subscribers and sellers who do not have an eBay Store subscription.


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  1. Hi Skip – Nice post.
    As a fellow ebay seller, I think the raise in fees could well turn sellers away. Although it does makes you think of more innovative ways to sell!



  2. Although it does makes you think of more innovative ways to sell!

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