My Favorite Low Cost Light Tent to Take Product Photos for eBay & Amazon

I have long recommended the EZ Cube line of light tents and I still do, but I recently tried out a low cost budget light tent that really impressed me.

The model I tried is the Cowboy Studio 24″ Photo Light Tent With 4 Chroma-Key Backdrops.

This low cost photo light tent offers several features I like:

  • It has a top that opens so you can access products from above or hang products to suspend in air.
  • It includes 4 separate color backdrops (this is something EZ Cube charges extra for)
  • Like the EZ Cube it includes a zip-on front panel with a slit to accommodate the camera. This feature prevents reflections on shiny objects.
  • Folds down into a nice small carry case

You will need lights with this tent but I found that two of the inexpensive goose-neck student lamps from Ace Hardware or Office Depot work fine. You can buy a pair of these lights for about $10 to $12.

The Cowboy (not sure why they call it that) light tent makes it easily to take professional digital photos. It is ideal for eBay & Amazon sellers, photography lovers, and collectors. Light tents filter the light to prevent shadows and reflections on shiny objects and shows a clean, professional backdrop to all items.

The special nylon fabric diffuses the external light, soften shadows, and reduces glare. The removable flap at the top of this tent provides more angles for you to take pictures from.

The tent is 24″ square so you can put objects up to about 19 inches high inside and still have plenty of room.

You can buy these on Amazon now for under $35.  The quality is not as good as the EZ Cube tents, but it is not bad and this tent should hold up fine for a few years of occasional use.  If you need a tent for daily or frequent use, then I would invest in the EZ Cube 30″ Light Tent

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