Why I Am Selling on Amazon

Let me list the reasons:

  1. It happened slowly, but my Amazon business is now equaling my eBay business.
  2. Although Amazon’s fees are somewhat higher than eBay, they do most of the work for me.
  3. Amazon’s warehouse service, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), allows me to go on vacation without taking down my listings.  They will even fulfill my eBay sales, so I don’t have to take my auction and eBay store listings down when I travel.
  4. Amazon seller support is excellent. Yesterday I had a technical issue with some items in inventory that weren’t showing up correctly in my account.  It took less than 2 minutes to get an Amazon rep on the phone and she spent over 20 minutes with me solving the problem.
  5. It takes less than one-minute to list items on Amazon that are already selling on the platform. It only takes about 3 minutes to create a completely new item from scratch.
  6. Because I use FBA, I can get a higher price for my items.  When I work up this morning, I got a notice that a book sold for $4.99 that over a dozen other sellers were selling cheaper than mine.
  7. Amazon is just not for books, movies and music. I sell products in several different categories. Almost anything I can sell on eBay, I can sell on Amazon.  Here is a look at some of the items I am selling on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/shops/summerdale_house

Learn how to sell on Amazon

Earlier this week I told my readers about a new course that teaches you how to start and run a profitable Amazon business.  Its called The Proven Amazon Course.  We use the word “Proven…” because all of the methods and techniques we show you have been and are being used by current Amazon sellers who contributed to this course.

Here are just a few of the things we will show you in the course

  • Where to find virtually unlimited sources of inventory to sell on Amazon
  • How to easily ship your inventory in bulk at dirt cheap prices directly to Amazon’s warehouse
  • How to price your inventory higher than your competition while still outselling them
  • How to automate the entire process so that you only check your sales reports
  • How to run your business from anywhere (unlike eBay, you can take vacations and leave your business running!)
  • The simple tools you can take with you anywhere you ever go so you can instantly spot the “winning inventory” and within a couple mouse clicks be 100% done with your part of the job. Amazon does the rest.
  • Much more…

So check out The Proven Amazon Course –it comes with a money-back guarantee.


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