eBay Launches New Free Listing Analytics Tool

eBay has launched a new, and really cool, Listing Analytics Tool.  The tool allows sellers to analyze their listings individually and compare them with other listings in the same search category.

Here is some of the data the tool will show you about your listing:

  • Rank – Rank is the search placement of your listing with respect to other listings. For example, a listing that ranks 5th place is more visible than a listing that ranks 37th place. The rank number is the result of a search using the keywords that you entered in the listing analytics search box. Buyers may use different search words.
  • Format – Format describes whether an item is offered through an auction-style listing or a fixed price listing (Buy it Now).
  • Impressions – Impressions are the number of times your listing appears to potential buyers in a search.
  • Clicks – Clicks are the number of times buyers clicked on your listing in search to view your listing.
  • Click through – Click through is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions. A higher click through rate is better, meaning members were more likely to click on your item when they saw it in a search.
  • Sold items – Sold items are the number of times buyers purchased an item from your listing. This number will only be greater than one when your listing is a multiple quantity fixed price listing.
  • Sell through – Sell through is the number of items that sold divided by the number of clicks for your listing. A higher sell through rate is better, meaning members were more likely to buy your item when they clicked to view your listing.
  • Watchers – Watchers are the total number of members watching your listing.
  • Sales – Sales is the dollar value of items sold in a listing.

The information you receive doesn’t include numbers from the past 24 to 48 hours. Because of the delay, if you make a change to a listing, eBay recommends you wait a few days before measuring your listing’s performance again. Rank information is real-time. To update all the information, click the Revise link.

Identify best and worst performers

You can click on the headings above a column to sort by that topic. For example, if you click the Sold items heading, your listings will be sorted by those that sold the most to those that sold the least. By sorting by column headings, you’ll quickly be able to tell which listings are performing best or worst.

I have been playing with the tool all morning and its both fun –and I am really learning how to optimize my listings for better performance.  All I need to do now is wait a few days and see if my changes worked.


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