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One of my readers has decided to compete with me.  That’s OK. First of all I believe that competition makes us all better and secondly, I do not have all the information on any subject –no one really does. That is why you should seek all the information your can find when you are trying to learn something.

How to Make Money Selling Used Books on eBay and Amazon has been one of my best selling books of all time.  Now there is another book you should read.  Its by Joe Waynick and its called Internet Bookselling Made Easy.  There is a lot of great info in the book, but one sub-chapter, the one on Incremental Profits, blew me away. That one sub-chapter was worth 100 times what the book costs and will potentially put thousands of dollars in my pocket over the coming year or two.

Low start-up costs and unlimited earning potential make selling books online one of the best opportunities around. This book is a complete, no-nonsense guide to every aspect of the business! In clear, straightforward language, readers are walked through every step in starting and running a flourishing Internet bookselling operation. Joe shows you how to can start earning money within 48 hours of reading the book and how to jump start your profits with DVDs, CDs and other media.

About the Author

Joe Waynick started selling books on the Internet in 2006 part-time out of a spare room in his home. In less than a year his business became large enough to move into a commercial warehouse where he operates his business today.

Since those humble beginnings he has sold tens of thousands of books on the Internet and remains a full-time online bookseller as well as a much sought-after bookselling coach and consultant.

Not only has his Internet business grown into more than 100,000 titles offered on, he has diversified into establishing a retail bookstore in Phoenix, AZ as well as being a wholesale supplier to other local bookstores.

Now he wants to help others achieve their personal and financial dreams by teaching them his time tested techniques for operating a home-base Internet bookselling business that has the potential to earn a full-time income for those willing to “think outside of the box.”

Internet Bookselling Made Easy is the perfect companion to How to Make Money Selling Used Books on eBay and Amazon.  Joe covers a lot of stuff that I do not cover in my book –and –I have some good stuff that he didn’t touch on. If you want to learn how to earn a living selling used books online –get both of these today.

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  1. Skip – you’re right – two very invaluable books for your readers. The profit from selling used books can be huge, I have personally received books for free or for very little $ (i.e. from libraries) and sold some of them for as high as $100. Those types of books are harder to find but still the average profit margin on used books can be 300% and up.

    -J.B. Malik
    Founder,, and

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