eBay To Push Trading Assistants and Drop Off Stores in New Ad Campaign

Auctionbytes reported this morning that eBay will soon launch a media advertising campaign to promote eBay drop off stores.  The advertising will focus on eight large cities and will consist of email, direct mail, door hangars and post-it Notes on the front pages of local newspapers.  Read the whole story at AuctionBytes.

eBay Consignment selling has been the one bright spot in this economy. Unfortunately with so many people out of work who need to raise cash, and selling off their treasures using eBay Trading Assistants has been the preferred method.  I used to get maybe one or two calls a month from my trading assistant listing on eBay –but for the past year that has gone up to once or twice a week.

Its too bad eBay is limiting the campaign to eight large cities. They said this is because those locations have large numbers of REDOLs – Registered eBay Drop Off Location.  But that strategy ignores the thousands of  of registered trading assistants in cities, towns and villages all over the country.  Nevertheless the ads will have a spill-over effect and re-ignite interest in eBay consignment selling.

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