Some Special Memorial Deals for My Readers

1. Creative Book Sourcing for eBay & Amazon Sellers

The biggest problem new booksellers have, has always been knowing where to find enough continuing supplies of highly desirable, highly salable, books at low enough prices where you can make a profit. Creative Sourcing for Book Sellers solves that problem. Best of all if you are not happy, Frank’s book comes with a money back guarantee.

Creative Sourcing for Booksellers is the first and only course of its kind.  This course is designed to increase your book selling profits by showing you both the methods and the places the pros use to find inventory! Creative Sourcing for Book Sellers includes a one-year subscription to Book Sourcing Quarterly, multiple online resources to ensure your success and the guarantee you’ll also receive ongoing author support for life.

The normal price of this course is $97 but Frank Florance is offering a Memorial Day Special for $47 until June 6th (NOTE:  The price on the sales page says $97, but you will see the $47 price when you checkout).

I am really good at sourcing books and cover this in detail in my best-selling book, How to Sell Used Books on eBay, Amazon and the Internet.  But Frank showed me about six different ways that I hadn’t even thought of -including one way to get books for free.

2. How To Make Money Buying And Selling Gold

This book was offered to my readers for the Month of May for $27 –That is ten dollars off the regular price of $37. I am extending the offer until June 6th as there are so many people away for the holiday.

As I was working on today’s blog, I checked the international gold chart and Gold was up $2 today to $1539.  When i released the book just a month ago it was at $1440 –that is almost a $100 increase in just 4 or 5 weeks.  Gold must be the only thing in the world that is going up faster than eBay fees.

My readers know me for my books about eBay and online marketing, but my latest book, How To Make Money Buying and Selling Gold, is strictly an off-line business, but its very profitable nevertheless. Last week I went to a lady’s home to look at some gold and she had a friend there also. Between them I bought 57 grams of 14K gold and 6 grams of 18K.  I paid them $826.50 for the 14K and $112.50 for the 18K, total $939.  I just got a check from the refinery today for $1784.10.  (The Federal Trade Commission requires me to say that” just because I did this does not mean you can” –so there I said it)

I started buying gold and silver as a long-term investment years ago. I never anticipated it would go as high as today’s value. Gold was stuck at the $300 level in the ten years or so before 9/11 . Since then, Gold has been on a steady march up and some experts predict it will hit $2000 an ounce within a year or so.

But you don’t have to buy gold and hold onto it to make money. One of the ways I buy gold is buying old gold (and silver) jewelry from people, refining it and selling it at full price. This is called the Scrap Gold Trade. When you are out driving around and you see the signs that say “We buy gold jewelry” this is what people are doing.

You have probably heard ads on the radio from the cash for gold type of companies that tell you to mail in your gold and they will give you top dollar. Well, most of those are pure ripoffs. Most of those companies pay you 10% to 15% of the scrap value of your gold, whereas pawnshops routinely pay 35% but gold dealers like myself will pay 50%.

What do I mean by scrap gold? The US is the largest jewelry market in the world and most women (and many men) in America have items in their jewelry box they no longer wear. It might be something with a broken clasp, one earring you still have after you lost the other one, a wedding or engagement ring from an ex-spouse or maybe those giant hoop earrings that were popular in the 1980s. If that is you, then you have hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of dollars lying dormant in your jewelry box. Buying and selling scrap gold has become so popular that people are even having gold parties. In the past you used to attend a party to buy Tupperware, cosmetics, wine or handbags. You went to the party and spent money. With a gold party you bring your scrap gold and go home with money.

It may sound simple, but there are a lot of tricks to this business and like anything you do in life, success is in the details. That is what I give you in my book, How To Make Money Buying and Selling Gold. This is a great business for someone who just wants to make a little extra money, working part time, or you can learn how to make some serious money working full time.

How To Make Money Buying and Selling Gold is going to sell for $37, but I am going to make it available until June 6th for only $27. No coupon this time –the price at checkout is set at $27 and will remain that way until Midnight June 6th.

3. Last Few Days to Get Online Selling Coach for $9.95

We extended the Charter price for Online Selling Coach to the end of May –but as with the gold book above, I will hold it until June 6th so everyone has time to get back from the holiday, catch up on their email and get settled in.

Membership includes dozens of free eBooks, training videos, the ability to ask questions from experts in eBay, Amazon, Affiliate Marketing, Info and PLR and public domain products, and I will soon be adding over 50 private label rights articles that members can copy, sell, re-title and basically have all rights to for any use at all.

With a monthly membership to you will receive cutting edge training from top eBay, Amazon, online marketing coaches and experts: Suzanne Wells, Nathan Bailey, Skip McGrath, and Jim Cockrum plus additional training from several other top marketing experts.

Every month you will have access to new cutting edge information including: Videos, Audios, content on specific niche’s, product sourcing ideas, and real techniques that we use ourselves to make real income online from home using eBay, Amazon, and several other marketplaces online. We will hold nothing back giving you “The Keys To The Kingdom,” allowing you to profit from proven techniques that we have developed and tested over the last decade of successfully running our own online businesses.

And we just launched our forum where over a dozen experts will be available to answer your questions and give advice on almost any aspect of online marketing. Unless you want to pay $14.95 a month (which is also well worth the investment for what you get), go to now to lock in your lifetime charter membership for just $9.95.

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