Some Thoughts on eBay Vs. Amazon

My friend Jim Cockrum did a great blog post today submitting your thoughts on eBay versus Amazon and I wanted to share it with my readers.

Here is Jim’s post:

  • eBay continues to be a great idea for those selling high-margin, unusual, or collectible items etc.
  • If your product has a bar code on it, odds are it’s PERFECT for Amazon
  • eBay is quickly loosing their advantages over Amazon from a buyer and seller perspective for most products
  • Amazon offers sellers a business model that requires far less customer “hand holding” and generates far fewer customer issues
  • eBay is all about lowest price from the buyers perspective.  That’s hard on sellers.
  • Amazon buyers often will buy the HIGHER priced items benefiting those of us that understand FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)
  • You can take a vacation from an Amazon FBA business without shutting down your operation. Not so with eBay.

Have other thoughts or questions about eBay/Amazon etc.? I would love to hear them. Please post your comments below

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  1. Skip, this list hits the nail on the head. It’s too bad ebay management probably will never read it. The “buyer hand-holding” is the big untold story. When I sold on ebay, I would average 20-25 messages a DAY for having about 500 listings. I have about the same number on Amazon now and I bet I get 3-5 messages a MONTH! Time is money, and

  2. Having looked at FBA several times, I fail to see the value. You have to pay to ship your stuff to them. Then, you have to pay an inventory fee, for them to keep your stuff on their shelf. The longer it sits, the more they charge. Even with the (slightly) higher selling price you probably aren’t going to recoup the costs. No thanks. My stuff will eventually sell at MY price, without the FBA fees.

  3. I can just say, that I don’t have any special results with Ebay or Amamzon … but I’m still working with it. I think that I’ll chankge something in this.


  4. Hi Skip,

    Having sold on Ebay for 9 years and now having PAC as my guide it’s no contest. Amazon is the winner hands down.

    Although I still sell on Ebay as I can off items there that I can’t elsewhere, Amazon is where 95% of my sales are going.

    Thanks for another great course.

    Wayne O. Stanila

  5. Skip, I agree about the advantages of Amazon over eBay. It can be a double edged sword though. If a customer on Amazon is dissatisfied they may complain to Amazon or leave negative feedback without first consulting the seller, whereas eBayers will usually give the seller a right of reply first. Although eBay’s “community spirit” has weakened over the years, it is still evident, in contrast to Amazon. It’s best to be wise before the event when moving from eBay to Amazon. I blogged about this earlier today.

  6. Another example, if I need support I can get a real quality person who speaks english based in USA within 2 min and they call you. Try that with eBay.

  7. being a seller on both platforms my preference is Amazon over Ebay.
    Personally the biggest time consuming task for me on ebay is listing the items. I like the fact that on Amazon the item is already in the database and in less than 30 seconds my item is listed. I know there are listing tools for ebay and after using a few honestly who has the time and the learning curve for this.

    I like the FBA idea but I must agree with PC Bob that the fees just eat into your margin so much that your bottom line is real thin.

  8. Skip, I just started receiving your newsletters and am interested in selling on Amazon. However it is mind boggling to find the best source for UPC bar code purchases or software. Can you give me some tips?

  9. In response to michael, who is concerned about time in listing like us all, ebay has a catalog that serves this very purpose. You just select your item, all the fields and details are filled in for you already to save you time. ebay is way more robust than amazon and has much more in terms of functionality, support (buyers & sellers) and plain old experience. Three years ago, I would say ebay wasn’t doing so hot but since then, they have turned around in a major way.

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