How To Double Dip on Amazon

The Amazon Affiliate Program has really been in the news this week.  Its so funny. Next week I am speaking at the Amazon Sellers conference in Seattle on the topic of the Amazon Affiliate Program and this week Amazon was forced to dump 25,000 California affiliates by the State of California.  Since a lot of folks come to this conference from CA, my lecture may not have many folks in attendance.

OK – What do I mean by “double dipping on Amazon?”

I am referring to using the Amazon affiliate program to send traffic to the items you are selling on Amazon.  Once you become an Amazon Associate (affiliate) Amazon has a tool bar you can install that opens up when you sign into your Amazon account.  The tool bar has a tab that says “Link To This Page.”

The linking tool is in the upper left hand corner of the image

So here is all you do:

Lets say you are sending out an email, or doing a facebook or twitter post, or a blog post  or creating links on your website that take people to a product you are selling.  Instead of just sending them to the product page, use the linking tool and send them to the product page via your affiliate link –This way if they buy, you will earn an additional 6% to 7% on your sale.

Driving Traffic to Your Affiliate Links

If you are selling in a given niche, one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your listings is with a blog and/or a newsletter.  For example, I have a website where I discuss, review and recommend digital photo light tents and cameras for eBay and Amazon sellers –  All of my links on that website are to products on Amazon with my affiliate link.  Most of the products on this site are not sold by me, but some are.  If I review a light tent the photo and description links to Amazon through my affiliate link.  If I review a product I am selling, then I link directly to that product.  This way when one of my products is clicked on and it sells I earn my regular margin after product cost, shipping and Amazon fees, plus I earn an additional 6% to 7% on the sale (4% on Electronics).

Other ways to drive traffic is through newsletter, blog posts on your blogs and comments on other blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts and telling all your friends and relatives to click on your affiliate site first before going to Amazon. (This last one really works. I have a close friend who is an Amazon Prime member and buys a ton of stuff on Amazon.  Both he, and his wife always click through to Amazon via before making a purchase).


Can I earn affiliate commissions on items I purchase on Amazon for myself?

The short answer is NO –but there is a catch.  Amazon will not pay you an affiliate commission on items you purchase for yourself.  So you have to become someone different.  Open a second Amazon account in a different name (your main account could be in your business name and your buying account would be in your personal name). To make this work you will need the following:

  • Different name on account (spouse, business name, etc.)
  • Different credit card linked to the account
  • Different email address
  • Different address ( neighbor, friend, mailbox service address, etc.)

Set the account up using all of these items and you can now earn Associate Commissions on your own purchases.

To earn a commission you must first visit Amazon through your affiliate link. For example, I could log onto my separate Amazon account, then visit  When I click on any item in the website and it takes me to Amazon, Amazon sets a cookie in my browser that is good for 24 hours.  I don’t have to buy the item I click on, Amazon will pay me a commission on any purchase that I make on the site for the next 24 hours.  I could click on the link for a Panasonic camera and end up buying some vitamin pills and earn a commission on that.

So, there you have it.  If this interests you, I publish a great little instruction manual on the Amazon Associates Program called – How to Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program.  It even works if you don’t sell anything on Amazon.




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