Price Cut on The Proven Amazon Course

I just got an email from Jim Cockrum.  Because of the slowing economy and because he wants to give more people the chance to get started –He has just cut the price of The Proven Amazon Course from $189 down to just $89.  That is even cheaper than the introductory price when the course was launched.

(UK Readers – We have also reduced the price of the UK version.  Look at the very end of the post for a link).

Learn How To Sell on Amazon

According to Comscore Amazon is now the number one shopping destination on the web with over 20-million visitors a month.  eBay is a distant second with 15-million. If you are not selling on Amazon you are missing a huge market.  But Amazon works differently than eBay and some training is in order. The Proven Amazon Course is your ticket to that training.

This is a very temporary price cut.  Jim is not going to hold this price very long. So if the high price has been holding you back now is your chance.

The Proven Amazon Course has easily been our most successful training course to date.  Its called the “proven” course because it really works.  And like everything the Jimster offers –it comes with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Here are some great reasons to learn how to sell on Amazon:

o recently reported that one in five people were on in the month of June 2011. Amazon is the MOST shopped website ever.

o  You can send virtually ANY item with a barcode on it to Amazon and they’ll list, sell and ship it for you…and send you a check every two weeks. You can even put barcodes on your own stuff and send it to them.

o  You can visit the “discount” aisle (or closeout section of a website) of virtually any chain store (Wal-mart, Target, Big Lots, Meijer, Toys-R-Us etc.)  and find profitable (200-300% is easy) inventory. Box it all up in one box, and send it to Amazon. They do the rest.  (Just last week I found Rachel Ray Cooler Totes at Costco for $11.95 each.  No one had them on Amazon.  I bought a dozen and sold all of them for $39 each).

o  A handful of world class experts monitor the forum to assist students as they build an Amazon biz and make it as hands free as possible. These incredible experts are people like Chris Green, Bob Willey, Suzanne Wells, Skip McGrath, Julie Anna Schultz, Nathan Holmquist, JB Malik, and Stephanie Inge.  These are THE Amazon selling POWER PLAYERS and they are hanging out with hundreds of excited Amazon sellers on the discussion forums
of the  Proven Amazon Course.

o  The training we’ve put together is by far the best you’ll find on the subject and has been endorsed and promoted by nearly EVERY major expert in the Amazon selling arena.

Proven Amazon Course

This price will not last long. So don’t wait.


  1. Has the Proven Amazon Course (UK version) been reduced

  2. Got it at the 89.00 sale price. I am certainly glad I waited for the more realistic price.

  3. Author

    The UK Version of The Proven Amazon Course has also been reduced.

  4. It’s a pity I didn’t wait just a bit to purchase the course.

    1. Author

      Yes – this will only be up for a short while –probably until after Labor Day

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