eBay Title Tips ~ eBay Rolls Out 80 Character Title Listings

eBay sellers have long complained about eBay’s 55-character limit on listing titles.  As a seller I always struggle to get all the important keywords in my titles.   eBay has now addressed this issue. The new 80 characters in your listing title is now live on eBay.

You now have 25 EXTRA characters in your title to draw more buyers to your listings. this allows you to include more keywords and descriptors to get your listings in front of even more interested buyers. Read tips on how to best use all 80 characters, then revise your titles for maximum visibility. eBay has created a title tips page.

Now you can include unique product identifiers to get your listings found by search engines. this will help your listings come up on eBay, Google, Yahoo! and via other Internet search engines. By including unique identifiers like UPCs, EANs, and ISBNs in your listings, your items can be more easily found by buyers using eBay search, off-eBay search, and mobile apps. Be sure to include these identifiers in the designated field whenever you list. Learn more.


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  1. Just a comment on the reference to “off-eBay search” above.

    Many eBay sellers either forget, or just plain don’t know, that there are 100K independent eBay affiliates trying to drive traffic to (and sales on) eBay to help sell your stuff. We affiliates use or develop tools that allow end-users to see items for sale on eBay — but placed on other websites. This might be in the form of banners, widgets, custom search tools, and other interactive experiences.

    So, to eBay sellers reading this, remember that your carefully crafted eBay listing titles appear not just in eBay search results, but on various other websites worldwide.

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