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Today’s blog is a guest post from Global Sources.  They recently ran one of my articles in their newsletter so I am returning the favor.  Besides they have some great resources for eBay and Amazon sellers that you can use.  I would definitely recommend subscribing to the magazines for your niche.

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Many buyers don’t do business with China suppliers because they think most of them are unreliable. Well, Global Sources has got the sourcing help to find trustworthy suppliers, not fly-by-night shops. Each verified supplier on our site and in our magazines is visited at least three times to make sure that their company is a real, export-ready, with real products and real offices. Some of the specific tools we offer buyers to source more confidently, with less risk are:

Online sourcing directory lists millions of products from hundreds of thousands of suppliers. Use our search functions to sort and filter suppliers by business type, location and more.  Contact suppliers directly using our convenient online inquiry form to get answers to questions on product specifications, pricing, shipping and more.

Industry-specific sourcing magazines

Subscribe to free e-magazines and receive new issues monthly by e-mail.  Every month buyers get updates on new products, news on market trends and accurate contact details for hundreds of verified suppliers. There are 18 industry-specific titles, so each magazine provides targeted information. Clicking on a supplier ad in the e-magazine lets buyers contact that supplier directly or go to their websites to learn more about them.

China Sourcing Fairs

Meet thousands of suppliers in-person at Global Sources’ specialized tradeshows, held in seven key locations in Asia, South Africa, the US and the Middle East. Buyers can sit down with suppliers to see all the latest products available. Check out upcoming tradeshows at China Sourcing Fairs. And if you can’t visit in-person, look at our Online Sourcing Fairs, which allow you to “virtually” visit the fairs (both past and future).

New product updates in your chosen categories

With Product Alert updates, buyers know when new products in their selected categories are posted online. On the same day, in fact.  Fine tune the types of products you’re looking for by choosing from over 6,000 categories. And receive industry news in your areas of interest too. Save time and effort with these free product & news updates.

In-depth information on key China industries

China Sourcing Reports offer buyers detailed profiles of key manufacturers in China and elsewhere in Asia – plus information on best-selling export products, pricing forecasts, industry trends and more. See all 98 sourcing reports currently available. Prices range from $75 to $400.

PLUS…learn how to avoid common pitfalls when you’re sourcing from China. Check out the “What Every Buyer Should Know” page. This is where we’ve posted proven best practices, insights from experts in the field and first-hand advice from experienced China buyers.

Global Sources has been helping buyers make more confident, more informed China sourcing decisions for over 40 years, through its online directory, trade shows, research reports and monthly magazines. Learn more about Global Sources’ products and services.


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  1. I looked at them, signed up and then see that most things require huge quantities. I queried one manufacturer for prices but just got more advertisements. My mailbox was filled with 3-4 items a day from global source and I never did get prices. I ended up unsuscribing because I did not have time to wade through everything they send out and most things they were sending I could not handle that many pieces at once.

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