What Sells on eBay and Where to Find it

“What sells on eBay and Where can I find it?” is one of the most frequent questions I get from readers.

Janelle Elems runs an eBay information training service called OSI Rock Stars. Janelle is one of the most respected eBay trainers and authors still working today. She has just finished a new project called The Home Run Guide. This is an over 400-page eBook on niche markets and how to succeed in them.

The Home Run Guide is an easy to use e-book (including a special download for Droids and iPhones) that will help you separate the junk from the profitable treasures at garages sales, estate sales, rummage sales and thrift stores. Have you ever wanted to have all the collectible experts in your back pocket while you search garage sales and estate sales for buried treasure? Janelle collected dozens of experts (including me) to write about their special niches and how they source and sell products.Here are some of the things you can learn:

1. Something ugly from the 70’s worth money?  Read page 4

2. Introduced at Chicago World’s Fair this highly coveted machine doesn’t even come with the name on the item.  But for upwards of $400 I’m guessing you are ready to learn more.  Turn to page 10

3. Only in the Home Run Guide would it say, “half birds with heads’ are a good thing to buy.  For the prices the Expert author is talking about you had better turn to page 16 to find out what I’m talking about!

4. Albeit this Expert Guide is but one page, but it’s also one of the guides that is getting a ton of comments about it.  Who knew they were worth $25?  Go to page 19

5. Great breakdown of the grading system used by the Independent Online Booksellers Association.  Check out page 21 to make sure your books make the grade

6. Do have any Little Golden Books with dust jackets?  You may be holding on to a Home Run! (I didn’t even know they came with a dj!).  Turn to page 28 to find out how to locate the edition of the book as well.

7. Southern cooking is always delicious and now it’s profitable too.  Turn to page 33 before lunch starts.  At these prices you’ll be buying lunch for everyone.

8. Be on the lookout for a mouse and a cake for an easy $90!  Page 46 has the recipe for Home Run Success

9. Give it a gentle shake, a look through and let the lever spring.  Did you find a Home Run – check out page 51

10. This Expert author writes, “Don’t worry if they’re dirty, because that can be fixed. To some extent stinky can be fixed, too. It’s even OK if the tread is worn off at the heels and ball of the foot.”  Find out how this is still a Home Run and some buyers even prefer them this way on page 56

Take a look at some of the experts and the topics they write about:

When The Home Run Guide goes on sale next week, it will sell for $49, but Janelle is offering a pre-order deal where you can order the book now for only $29. Yes – you will have to wait a few days for the book (it is in final production now).

This book is a great resource for both beginners and advanced sellers. And the pre-order price is a great deal. Best of all if you have a smart phone, you can download the book and carry it with you when you go shopping. Imagine being at a garage sale or thrift shop and you see a Tiki Mug or a nice looking fishing reel. You call up the expert chapter on your iPhone or Android and see if that particular mug or fishing reel is a good buy. Now you can do for used products what pro sellers do with their scanners and new products. Not quite as fast as a scanner –but where else can you even find this information.

This discount offer goes away at Midnight November 1st.

Click here to learn more about The Home Run Guide. Janelle even lets you read a couple of chapters before you buy. And if you are not happy she offers a money-back guarantee.


If you want to know what sells on eBay and HOW to sell it, The Complete eBay Marketing System is a printed instruction manual that comes with access to my exclusive wholesale members site and 6 other bonus items.

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