The Home Run Guide is Kicking Butt – but the price goes up in a few days

In my last newsletter I told you about Janelle Elms Home Run Guide and many of you took advantage of it.  Janelle has been selling the guide for $49 during the introductory period –but that ends November 30th.  So you don’t have much time to take advantage of it.

The Home Run Guide is an easy to use e-book (including a special download for Droids and iPhones) that will help you separate the junk from the profitable treasures at garages sales, estate sales, rummage sales and thrift stores. Have you ever wanted to have all the collectible experts in your back pocket while you search garage sales and estate sales for buried treasure? Janelle collected dozens of experts (including me) to write about their special niches and how they source and sell products.

Here are just a few early and unsolicited testimonials from folks who bought the guide:

The information in this guide is incredible and to get this information all in one source is a great bargain. I have written books on sourcing products from Big Lots and other sources but the information here is unprecedented. Great job and get value. This book can make you thousands everytime you head out for sourcing inventory. Thanks again.
Bill Basinger

I read the guide and went out looking for sheets, I came across one and bought it for $1.50. It ended today for $37.00 – if it wasn’t for the guide I would have never bought it!
OK, one more! I am sooo hooked on this guide! Bought another one for $3.50 and it sold for 54.59! I haven’t even read the entire guide yet!
Christina Serrano

Ok here is a home run for the week. I bought this towel at a yard sale for a quarter and was so happy when it got a bid for 9.99 and it closed at alot more ($62.16) Wow, who knew.
Deana Thielet
(Here is another item I picked up at a garage sale – – check out that price!!)
Here is the best part about this book which we purchase right from the get go. My husband has always been a good supporter of our business. He does the shipping and some of the other things. But I was the one who shopped and listed. NOW he is devouring the book and going with me to thrift. This is priceless in itself!!! Two of us searching will return a hundred fold to our business. I even find a copy in his “library”.
Sherry Gilson
What I love about the book so far is the stories! I mean it’s great to get the facts too. But the stories are really special. The book has me reminiscing about that feeling I had when I first realized a 1st edition cookbook I was selling was going to top $100. The stories are priceless
Kerry Boozenny

So get your personal copy of The Home Run Guide  before the price goes up.

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