Are You Ready for The After-Christmas Sales Rush?

For the past week our sales on eBay and Amazon have been humming along.  It turned out to be a great holiday season –much better than we hoped.  Then this morning it stopped.  I am so used to hitting the computer in the morning and  seeing orders coming in, that it was a disappointment this morning when we only had one order overnight.

It is now officially too close to Christmas to order anything from eBay or Amazon and get delivery –but get ready for the day after.  Both eBay and Amazon are reporting record sales of Gift Cards –and those folks will be spending that money next week.  In fact, last year I remember that orders started hitting on Christmas afternoon and kept up strong for the next three days.

The second half of the holiday selling season starts right after New Years Day and goes right up until Valentines Day.  Last year, January was our second best month (after December).  I think what happens is that people have put off spending money on themselves over Christmas and once its over they start up again.

So even if you still have merchandise that can’t sell in time for Christmas, get ready to move it out over the next few weeks.

Cheers and a very Merry Christmas to all of my readers.

Skip McGrath

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