All your eBay items under one “Facebook rooftop”

Today’s post is a guest post by Social Store – a service that gets your eBay listings on Facebook

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Pricing: 7 day free trial, $0.95 per month.

All your eBay items under one “Facebook rooftop”

“Social Store” is the perfect selling tool for the eBay seller. With “Social Store” you can create a customized Facebook business/fan page displaying all of your eBay items quickly and easily. In addition, the app sees to it that your Facebook page will always be in sync with your eBay store or listings.

As we all know, Facebook is seen to be the next e-commerce platform, therefore it’s essential that a seller be present on this great media platform. “Social Store” gives you this terrific opportunity easily and only for $0.95 a month.

The app helps you drive traffic from Facebook to your eBay listings using Facebook’s “viral promotion” inherent feature giving you maximum public exposure for your items and listings with minimum effort. The bottom line is that you’ll surely increase your sales and revenues.

So will this app benefit me?

We believe it will. The different social networking platforms are great for promoting ideas, creations, goods and eBay items. This is mainly because millions of people are populating these channels constantly. Therefore, “Social Store” is a simple and quick solution for your promotion needs. Enjoy!

What our customers are saying:

“This is by far the most genius app on Facebook or eBay. It is one of the easiest to set up, and a great way to link to of the biggest online networks. Sales are for sure to increase and the word of your name will quickly be spread. In addition, customer support always replies within minutes to any questions or concerns. All around a great investment and experience!”

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