Awesome New Keyword Tool Can Help Your eBay and Amazon Listings

I just signed up with an online keyword tool called Jaaxy.  The Jaaxy Keyword Tool is an online tool so it will work with any computer – MAC or PC or even with an iPad or smart phone.

In my books I have always recommended Keyword Analyzer.  It is a great tool, but it only works on a PC, and you must purchase the software which is expensive.  But Jaaxy is on online service and you subscribe month to month – no contract.

Here are some of the things it can do for you.

  • eBay – Jaaxy will show you the best keywords to use in your title, the first 100 words of your description and your item specifics which is what the eBay search engine looks at in Best Match
  • Amazon – Besides the title, Amazon searches your bullets in the descriptions and the keywords you type in the keyword field
  • Bloggers and Affiliate marketers – In my book How To Make Money With the Amazon Affiliate Program I have a long discussion on the importance of keywords and how to find and use them to make money.  This is a tool that will save you hours of time and if you are setting up an affiliate blog or website will even help you find the best URL to use.

So if you do any of those things, take a look at Jaaxy today.

Skip McGrath

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