Global Sources Can Help You in Many Surprising Ways

I get a lot of questions from readers about sourcing from Asian suppliers.  I usually refer them to  Global Sources is known for its large list of Asian – mostly Chinese suppliers.  But when I was searching for a new supplier of a leather product I sell, Global Sources connected me with a supplier in Turkey.  After doing some research I learned that Turkey has a long history of leather craftsmanship.

I called a friend who was stationed in Turkey when he was in the Air Force.  He asked me to come over to his house and he showed me a number of leather products he acquired while in Turkey and I was stunned by the quality.

Based on that, I logged into my Global Sources account and used their messaging system to reach out to the supplier in Turkey. We connected and the supplier sent me a few samples that were excellent.  So I placed my first order and got another surprise. I didn’t have to import!  The supplier had a warehouse in Florida.  When I placed my order he shipped it first to his Florida warehouse where his company did the custom’s clearance and all the importing paperwork.  Then they shipped domestic to me.

The prices were excellent. I am not going to tell you what the product is, but the best selling item costs me $6.40 each including shipping and I am selling them for $21.95!  And they sell out quickly.  This supplier has a minimum order of $1,500 and I am now waiting for my 3rd shipment.

$1,500 may sound like a large amount, but not for importing.  Many importers require you to buy in very large quantities that can run as much as $5000, but I have found several suppliers on Global Sources that will work with me in much small quantities.  Yes it takes some patience – you have to work through several suppliers to find one that will work with you –but I have yet to fail at that effort.

Depth and Breath of Products on Global Sources

The depth and breath of products on Global Sources is nothing short of Amazing.  There are suppliers for almost any type of product you can imagine in dozens of categories.  Here is a partial list:

Sports & Leisure (54,638+ products)

Baby & Children’s Products (48,458+ products)

Security Products (40,420+ products)

Electronics (71,297+ products)

Hardware & DIY (121,814+ products)

Home Products (156,278+ products)

Garments & Textiles (87,279+ products)

Fashion Accessories (168,985+ products)

Auto Parts & Accessories (54,903+ products)

Gifts & Premiums (119,385+ products)

Electronic Components (141,723+ products)

Computer Products (81,142+ products)

Telecom Products (63,333+ products)

Machinery & Industrial Supplies (110,360+ products)

Underwear & Swimwear (11,897+ products)

Medical & Health Products (23,467+ products)

Solar & Energy Saving Products (88,766+ products)

LEDs & Optoelectronics (21,668+ products)

Just take a look at that list.  Can you think of anything that is not there?
Besides their online suppliers you can subscribe to several magazines they publish in a number of categories.  For example I have a lot of products in the Home and Garden category so I subscribe to the Home category magazine and one that features solar products (solar garden lights are a big seller for me).
So give Global Sources a try.  Don’t rush!  Take your time to really understand the site and the information it contains.  Before you buy anything be sure and read the Buyer Support Pages. A few minutes studying that material and reading the FAQs, will keep you from making a rookie mistake that could cost you money.

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