If You Are Incorporated or Have an LLC – Beware of The Corporate Records Scam

If you have a personal corporation or an LLC  look out for the latest scam.  Two companies, Compliance Services and Corporate Records Service are sending out very official-looking forms that appear to come from your state government corporations office. The form asks you to fill out a list of shareholders and officers and enclose a check or CC payment for $125.

I almost fell for it.  I had the form all filled out and when I looked at the payment info it said to make the payment to Corporate Records Service.  I thought that was strange because my annual corporate filings are always paid to Washington Secretary of State. So I went to the Secretary of State website and found the following announcement:

Please be aware that COMPLIANCE SERVICES or CORPORATE RECORDS SERVICE (not to be confused with the Washington corporation, Compliance Services, Inc) is mailing notices to business entities requesting that “Annual Minutes” and a fee of $125.00 be sent to them for filing.

These notices are NOT from the Washington Secretary of State, Corporations and Charities Division. “Annual Minutes” are NOT required to be filed with the Secretary of State. They are to be kept by the business entity itself. Do NOT confuse these notices with the annual report notices sent by the Washington Secretary of State, or the Business Licensing Services at Department of Revenue reminding each business to file its 2012 annual report.

I called the State offices to get more information and they told me that these two companies are running this scam in all 50 states.  So beware if you see an official looking notice to file your corporate minutes or any other type of information request.

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  1. Really Skip? You almost fell for it? I appreciate the posting, but really, I find it a bit difficult to believe that you almost fell for such an obvious scam.

    If you did almost fall for it, then I suggest a course in internet reality — or what to do with email, websites and telephone calls…… LOL

    Tom Harris
    A Customeer
    [email protected]

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