Save over $200 and meet a guy who actually lives on the beach and makes a living online


Jim Cockrum is running an excellent Thanksgiving promotion from today through the end of the month.
Jim is always up to stuff that you have to see to believe.

He just did an interview with a student who literally lives ON THE BEACH in Jamaica and is on course to sell $200K in physical product on Amazon…without shipping anything to customers!

He also had someone bet $5,000 that the results of another student were “made up”…you’ve got to see the video Jim made to put that rumor to rest!

The bottom line is the whole world is now shopping on Amazon, and Jim has a mindblowingly simple approach to profiting from the mega trend that is

Check out the interview and the short video at the link below. This is inspirational stuff from one of the good guys in the business.

Through the end of November Jim has the price marked down 70% AND he’s adding in a surprise bonus that’s not even mentioned in his offer. The “surprise” is lifetime access to his top membership site (where thousand pay $19.95 monthly for access!)

Click here to learn all about it.


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