Used and Vintage Items Selling on eBay

eBay has certainly changed over the years.  Today fixed price sales make up over 70% of all sales on eBay and used, vintage, collectibles and antiques now make up only 40% of the items selling on the site.  The rest of the products are now new merchandise.  But eBay is still the largest venue for used, vintage, collectibles and antiques.  So what is selling and what are good things to sell.  Here is a partial list –and I stress the word “partial,” of products selling on eBay:

  • Used Cell phones
  • Used Digital cameras
  • Vintage watches and jewelry
  • Heirloom jewelry
  • Used toys in good condition
  • Used clothing for children
  • Used plus-sized clothing for women
  • Used and Vintage Western wear such as cowboy boots, belts, shirts, leather vests, etc.
  • Used brand name blue jeans (Wrangler, Lee, Levies, etc.)
  • Used Video games
  • Used training courses (including cassette tape, CD and DVD)
  • Used CDs and DVDs
  • Vintage and collectible fountain pens
  • used Tools (power and hand tools)
  • Perfume (including perfume samples and opened expensive perfumes that are at least over one-half full)
  • Vintage and collectible Perfume bottles
  • used Religious books and Bibles (Bibles are always a perennial seller)
  • Used Non-fiction books on hobbies, sports, nautical subjects, history, military science, popular textbooks, and art & photography.   Also books containing maps and art prints that can be broken and sold individually.
  •  Maps and old prints of ships, flowers, animals (horses and dogs are tops)
  • Used auto parts for specialty automobiles (Porsche, BMW, MG, etc.)
  •  Low mileage Japanese cars and pickups
  • Automotive models and car collectibles
  • Signed sports collectibles

As I said this is only a partial list, but if you are wondering what to look for when you visit your next Estate sale, garage sale or thrift shop – these items are a good place to start.


  1. Hi Skip, I didn’t know where else to pose this question to you, about FBA. I’ve read about how you like to sell gourmet food products, especially in bundles. I was going thru Amazon’s FBA shipping guide:
    and see that liquids in glass bottles are ineligible if they’re over 4 oz. Unless I’m mistaken, I thought I saw some of your FBA items, like sauces, etc. in over 4 oz. glass bottles. Obviously I’m confused….

    1. Author

      Hi Craig – Amazon does indeed have that rule but for some unknown reason they are not enforcing it as there are hundreds –if not thousands of items that sell on amazon that are over 4 oz in size –including items that Amazon themselves sell.

    2. Author

      There is that rule but Amazon has not enforced it in the gourmet food category. Even Amazon themselves are selling liquids in larger sizes.

  2. Hey Skip, love your blogs and articles. I have been a bookseller for a while now and am trying to get involved more on selling used items on ebay. I am not sure if the recession has anything to do with it but does it seem like thrift stores are drying up? It seems thrift shop owners are well aware of what is valuable and places these items in their glass cases. We have about 7 in our town and it’s become virtually impossible to find anything valuable on the shelves anymore. I know Goodwill has an online auction site and picks over most books that come in but it seems like other shops are catching on. The only way to get valuable items to resell on ebay is to more or less “take a chance” on a high priced items in the glass cases and hope you can make a small profit.

    1. Author

      Hi Rob – Yes some thrift shops are getting smart – fortunately the ones in our town are not, so there is still some good shopping here. I buy in the glass cases all the time and that’s where I find the best deals. I have usually been able to double my price. also you should always ask for a discount on things in the case as most thrift shops will negotiate a little.

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