eBay Tools to Help You Reach Top Rated Seller Status

eBay tools to help you reach Top Rated Seller Status

To be a successful seller on eBay, you need the right tools. Below are some great tools that will help you reach top rated seller status within a few months.


Looking for products on eBay, but don’t know what to sell? Terapeak will help you figure out what’s selling on eBay worldwide!

Benefits of using Terapeak:

  • Product research up to a 90 day period worldwide
  • See what your competitors are selling and how much they sell a month
  • Category trends
  • Find out what products are hot on eBay

By using Terapeak, you’re able to make an educated decision before purchasing products from a vendor.

eBay Listing Tools

eBay’s built in web based  listing software is great for individuals, but if you’re trying to build a business on eBay you’re going to need something more powerful. Two programs that are perfect for small businesses are eBay Turbo lister and Blackthorne Pro.

Turbo Lister – eBay turbo lister is a free listing software from eBay. It supports bulk uploads, html based descriptions and helps you manage your auctions from your desktop.

Blackthorne Pro – Blackthorne Pro is a more powerful listing tool from eBay. It is based on Microsoft access and works a lot like Microsoft Excel. It enables you to import and export your data into Blackthorne Pro using flat files.


  • Multiple users and permissions
  • Bulk Listing
  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Sales reports
  • Data import/export features
  • Custom fields
  • Ad templates
  • Integrates with Microsoft access or SQL server
  • Networking capabilities

Third Party Listing Tools

A lot of eBay sellers use Turbo Lister and Blackthorn Pro, but I have long been a fan of third party online systems. There are many third party systems and most of them are pretty good.  My favorite is Vendio because I also sell on Amazon and Vendio works with both eBay and Amazon.  so even if you don’t sell on Amazon now, you might in the future and this way you would not have to start all over and move all your listings.

Shipping Software

Shipstation is a powerful cloud based shipping solution for your eBay orders and other marketplaces.  Eliminate the need for double data entry and streamline your business!

  • Multi-Channel Integration (eBay, Amazon, buy.com, and more)
  • Integrates with major shipping carriers (UPS,USPS, Fedex, DHL, and more)
  • Order Automation
  • Returns Management
  • Batch shipping

These are not all the tools out there, but they are the best in terms of price and value. These tools will help you become an eBay top rated seller without breaking the bank.


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