Smart Phone Security & Lost or Stolen Mobile Devices

I usually write about selling on eBay and Amazon, but this topic is germane to almost all of us who use smart phones and mobile phones these days in our business.

New Resources for Reporting Lost or Stolen Mobile Devices

The FCC, in coordination with participating wireless service providers, has created a new resource for consumers to use to report a lost or stolen device as well as a database that will prevent stolen phones from being reactivated on a mobile network.

Participating networks include:

A&T · Cellcom · Nex-Tech · MetroPCS
· Sprint · T-Mobile ·    US Cellular · Verizon

Access information about reporting lost or stolen phones and tablets online at the FCC’s website, .
Stolen phones registered with participating wireless phone providers will be added to the stolen phone database.

The expectation is that preventing the reactivation of stolen phones will greatly reduce their resale value.
The FCC also provides an online guide that owners of a mobile device can access for advice on safeguarding against theft, protecting the data on your phone, and how to respond if your device is stolen.

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