Be Careful of Restricted Items on Amazon

I got my Scanpower newsletter yesterday and they had a nice piece on Restricted Items on Amazon – Not many folks know about these as Amazon doesn’t push this information out.  Here is the article:
There are items that are Restricted by Amazon, and this is not well-documented.

Here are some known restricted items:
* Crib bumpers (due to the restriction in Chicago and other areas)
* VHS tapes (they are not selling well and Amazon is starting to restrict items they have many of in storage)
* DVD’s (many publishers have restricted their items, like HBO, Warner Bros, etc.)
* Some new items (like Kindles)
* Sony,
* Gillette
* Dunkin Donuts coffee
* p90X Videos
* Samsung TV’s
* Prevagen – Quicy Bioscience

Here is a link to the page on Amazon that explains the policy:

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