SCOE – Amazon Seller Conference Announces Seattle Conference Dates

Rhonda Schnieder, the proprietor of the highly successful SCOE – Seller’s Conference of Online Entrepreneurs – or as many call it, the Amazon Sellers Conference, called me on Friday to let me know the dates of the Seattle conference this year. Formerly SCOE was held in the early Fall –but this year there will be two conferences –Seattle from May 30 to June 1, and for the first time, an East Coast conference will be held in Philadelphia in mid-September.

Rhonda had originally planned the East Coast conference to be in Atlanta, but since Amazon officials and employees usually attend the conference, she had to pick a state where Amazon has settled their tax issues. Pennsylvania is one of those states, but Georgia remains unsettled, so Philadelphia was a logical choice.

I will be doing a workshop – or perhaps two, at the Seattle conference but cannot attend the East Coast, as there is an important trade show we go to in September and I don’t like to do two trips that close together.

Rhonda hopes to announce the exact dates for Philadelphia within the next couple of weeks. I will blog it or have it in my newsletter once I hear.

The Seattle conference will be held at The Sea-Tac Marriott Hotel near the Seattle airport from Thursday, May 30th thru Saturday, June 1st. You can get more information, or register at

In the past, SCOE was mostly for Amazon sellers, but last year Rhonda expanded it to include eBay and other selling venues. If you are a small to medium eBay or Amazon seller, this is a great chance to meet other successful sellers and learn from them, as well as attend some excellent workshops. Amazon almost always sends some great people to the conference and they not only put on some great workshops, they are very open, available and happy to chat with sellers.

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