Sales Taxes: What to Know Going into 2013

Today’s post is a link to a great article on the Vendio blog.  This is a great article that can help bring eBay and Amazon sellers up to date on new sales tax law.

Sales Taxes: What eBay and Amazon Sellers Need to Know Going into 2013

Tax law can be a source of confusion and worry for small business owners. Online merchants selling on eBay, Amazon, and eCommerce stores in particular should be aware of recent changes that might impact 2013 taxes, as well as industry trends and pending bills that may impact them in the near future.

The first thing merchants and individuals should be aware of in 2013 is that there will most likely be delays in the IRS processing returns. The IRS had to reprogram their computers to adjust for changes in the tax law, and did not start accepting returns until January 30. Many business tax filers could file for 2012 starting February 4th, but business owners should expect delays in refunds if they’ve filed for credits in depreciation, business, and certain other categories.  Click here to read the rest of the article.


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